You scratched your Space Grey Aluminum Apple Watch!

You can’t just buff out scratches on the Space Gray like you can on stainless steel models.

Lucky for you, we have figured out a quick and inexpensive way to get your Space Grey Aluminum Apple Watch looking great again!

Items you will need:

  • Soft nail file 1500 grit

  • Mothers brand “Mag & Aluminium Polish”
  • a soft cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Tiny paint brush, cloth, or Qtip
  • Eyedropper
  • Testors brand Metallic Silver enamel paint
  • Testors brand Flat Black enamel paint

7-Steps to a Fixing a Scratched Space Gray Apple Watch

1. Smooth the surface: Sand down any burrs or nicks that resulting from dropping your Apple Watch.  Depending on how large the metal burr is you will want to use a fine grit soft nail file, 1500 grit sandpaper or “finishing grade” steel wool.  

2. Fine Finishing : Once the any burrs removed, you are going to want to smooth out the scratch and blend it into the surrounding metal.  This will make the scratch virtually invisible.  To get a very smooth and fine finish on the metal we are going to use Mother’s brand “Mag & Aluminium Polish”  Dab a little on a soft cloth and buffing small circles around the scratch.   This step might take a while to get a smooth fine finish.

3. Clean it! : Use some common isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a cloth and gently clean off the scratched area and remove all polish.  If the area is not totally clean, the paint won’t stick.   Dry with a separate soft cloth.  

4. Mix the Paint : Now we are finally ready to paint.  For the Space Gray Apple Watch, we are going to mix 2 drops of  Testors brand flat black enamel paint and 1 drop of Testors brand metallic silver together in a tray. Mix these colors thoroughly.

5. Paint! With you small brush or q-tip, gently paint a thin layer over the scratched area and into the surrounding color.  Let dry for 10 minutes and repeat this step 3 more times.  Let this dry completely for 60 minutes.  Note: depending on how worn you watch is, you may need to adjust the color mix slightly.

6.  Buff & Polish:  With our 4 thin layers of paint applied, use the soft cloth to buff and polish the painted area.  The color should blend in well and the buffing and polishing should blend in the paint.   

7. Enjoy!

Make your Apple Watch feel brand new again!